10 Lessons I've Learned Working in Fashion.

Lessons learned in fashion

10 Lessons I've Learned Working in Fashion.

From working as a fashion intern, freelancer and professional, it's safe to say I've had many crazy experiences. This week, I'm sharing 10 lessons that keep me motivated and sane.

1. It's just clothing

Often, people act like their photoshoot will cure cancer or oust Trump. In reality, they are simply covering humans in fabric --never lose this perspective.

2. Messing up is an inevitable part of starting out / being human

At my first internship interview, my future boss told me; ‘we’re not exactly paying you a million dollars – of course you’re going to screw up. As long as you provide me with solutions, and own up to your errors, most problems can be solved.’ Because he said this, I managed to not only kick ass in that internship, but it has also allowed other bosses trust my word. Whenever I screw up, I admit it, and always propose a solution.

3. “It’s not you it’s me” is usually true

If someone is being particularly vicious, (see point. 1), it’s usually because of their own personal issues, rather than you. Most common nastiness reasons: a breakup, a liquid / ‘detox’ diet (5:2, anything featured in Women’s Health), a hangover or a drug-related comedown.

4. Collaboration is key

It’s amazing how much a photoshoot or project can make you either love or hate someone. When it’s the former, you have a friend for life.

5. You don’t have to like everyone (but it’s nice when you do)

If you are a person with a voice box, odds are high that a few people loathe you. While I’ve struggled with this in the past, I always try to remember – we’re all on the same team here. We all want the company to do well, and we don’t need to be BFFS to make that happen. However, being as nice as possible is also important. Consistently, I run into people I used to work with in the strangest places.

6. Always stay on top of the news

Regardless of what you’re doing, commercial awareness allows you to pivot / stay relevant. PLUS people will always trust you as a source of knowledge – who doesn’t want that?

7. If there’s a will there’s a way

I have been amazed by the feats I’ve accomplished at work. I have used Tim Gunn’s ‘make it work’ catchphrase far more than I’d like to admit.

8. It gets easier

While you may face similar problems throughout your career, they (even in my rather short career) seem to get easier as you deal with the same shit 100 million times. Irritating, but manageable nonetheless.

9. We’re all just humans in the end

I really resonate with those posters on the tube - those images of a small boy holding a sign that says ‘My dad works for TFL’.

Somehow, it makes our hearts soften. Suddenly, a small child allows us to remember that TFL staff are humans with kids, mothers and fathers – just like you. So basic, but so important. We’ve all been through shit, and we’re all going to die – regardless of social status.

10. People who are kind and genuine build the most legendary careers

After meeting Natalie Massenet, I was absolutely mesmerized. Not only was she incredibly kind and warm, but she was also strong and an incredible listener. She is high-status and revered, yet she is honest, open and visionary. While I’m not sure I’d want to have the same career trajectory as hers, I hope to even emulate half of that energy in my own life.

Written by: Stephanie
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