10 Ways to Beat the Office Blues.

10 ways to beat the office blues

10 Ways to beat the office blues.

Lets face it, unless you’re head over heels in love with your job, it can make us feel pretty shit at times. This ‘shitness’ is the often the cause of our demotivation, and once that sets in, its very hard to get rid of. Unless you hate seeing your bank balance increase each month, work has to stay, but your bad feeling doesn't.

The average worker spends more time at work then they do at home. This includes answering emails on the commute home, or thinking about that big presentation that you need to prep for Monday. Point being, that we spend so much time ‘working’ that we forget about ourselves. Team that with the demotivation that we touched on already, and you have yourself a recipe for self care disaster.

We can often feel trapped in our work, pretty much held to ransom by deadlines and budgets and terrible bosses that we can’t seem to impress. On the flip side to that, it’s our human nature to want to succeed and to be accepted by others, so this contradiction in our own mind sometimes leaves us feeling as though we cant win. Like we are standing still, but the truth is, work environments can be tough and we need to give ourselves more credit for that.

With that in mind, lets take a look at some steps we can take to make sure we get the best out of our day in the office (Even when we really don’t want to!)


Are you getting enough? No? Then the obvious answer here is to get more. We need to have a decent sleep to recharge overnight (yes your body and brain really do ‘recharge’ during sleep) because this will have us performing at our best! I don’t just mean by meeting our targets or finally getting that presentation written, I mean our minds too! When our brain is happy, we usually are too, so a good nights sleep is going to help us feel a lot better about our day. It’s also important to remember that just because you were in bed for 8 hours, doesn’t mean you had a restful nights sleep. Things like our phones or tv’s being on can interrupt our sleep pattern without us knowing, so it might be worth investing in some relaxing oils or sleep apps that can help you monitor your real rest during the night.

Practice Gratitude

Honestly, this really works! Each morning find 10 things that you are truly grateful for and say them aloud to yourself! I know it sounds a little wishy washy, but actually what you are doing is helping to set your brain up for the day to focus on positivity. Once you find 10, I can guarantee you will find 10 more before you even get into the office. What’s fabulous about gratitude, is that you don't need to think deeply about it if you didn't want to. As long as you are grateful for them, you can think of really simple things such as ‘the sun is shining this morning’ or ‘ooh I forgot we have left over pizza for breakfast.’ Win Win!

Dress like a boss

Its a no brainer that when you look fantastic you feel fantastic. So spend an extra 10 minutes in your morning getting yourself looking your best, and walk out that door feeling a million dollars! Do your hair in that style you are always wanting to do, put on that new lipstick you brought over the weekend and put on your most expensive perfume! You deserve it! cue the sassy hair flicks


Dealing with the office bi*ch

controversial alert but every office or workplace has one! Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could create a bitch bin and just throw everyone in that makes us feel crappy for no reason at all? (I think I spot a gap in the market!) Truth is, these people are fabulous lessons to the rest of us. Some people are going to hate you, but I can almost guarantee it has absolutely nothing to do with you (unless you are said bitch…be nicer!) This touches on that human nature thing of wanting to be accepted by people. Let me tell you, one terrible excuse for a person is not indicative if how other people feel about you! They are still going to be a bitch if you feel crappy or not, in-fact, they love that, it makes them feel better. So stick out that chest and stand tall because you already have one up on them…people actually like you! Stay kind to them, stay cool when they go off on one and act like a boss because a bully can only be so when they have people who feel inferior. You my friend are not inferior, you are worthy of respect. My philosophy for someone who is missing respect…give it to them in barrels!

Working in a ‘mans world’

Unfortunately, some work places still operate with the notion that only men are capable of being a boss. It’s important to note here that gender equality is improving in many work environments, but in others, we have a long way to go! Especially when we are women with authority. So how do we beat the bad vibes about always feeling second best to a man? We keep doing what we are doing! You are already doing a great job and you are already proving yourself to be a great leader. In my experience, men feel threatened when a woman stands up for themselves, especially when that women is completely right! My advice to that, is never ever apologise for being a powerful woman, who knows her rights, and is not afraid to believe in herself! Keep doing you! Keep evolving and keep on loving yourself because men in the workplace (or men anywhere for that matter) do not define how successful we are!

Time management

Okay so be honest, how much time in your working day do you spend scrolling through instagram, or dreaming out the window wishing you were out there? As satisfying as that is, it’s also eating into the hours that we need to be focussing, and again we are not disciplining our brains to work. Give yourself a breakdown to your day and stick to it as best you can. That way, by the time 5 o’clock rolls round, your tasks for the day wont be following you home, either on your laptop or in your mind!

Look forward to lunch

If you are anything like me, food makes me very happy, so I make sure that I look forward to my lunch. This could be something you prepped or you are running out to buy, but never the less, look forward to this time. This can help us massively when we feel demotivated before 12pm and its a good tool for staying disciplined. I often tell myself, ‘Once I get this done it will be lunch time’ and it works for me but find what works for you. Make sure you take a lunch too! So many of us work through lunch to get stuff done! This is great if you are passionate about it, but don't ever feel forced to skip a lunch. It’s your basic human right to get a break, even if it’s only 15 minutes, because we need to fuel ourselves during the day. You cant expect your car to do an 8 hour journey on no fuel, we as people work exactly the same! (not with petrol obvs)


Stay out of the office politics

Trust me on this, stay neutral when everyone around you is in a clique. Even if you are the one standing alone, I promise you its a lot healthier for your mind if you stand strong against the needs and demands of others. Yes, we long to be liked, but clique culture is like gang culture. Cliques hate other cliques, often for no reason! What does every clique need to stay alive? A leader! This leader then pulls the strings of the people within it, and trust me, you don't want your strings pulling. Being on the outside looking in on this one isn't half as mentally damaging as it is to be on the inside feeling as though you have to be or behave in a certain way just to survive the working day! You stay true to yourself and do you, because I promise you its worth it in the long run! Remember this, when people cant control you, they start to control other peoples opinions of you, but if you stay true to yourself and go back to tip number 6 (give respect, kindness and stay cool) people can see for themselves the kind of person you are, thats much better than selling your soul to the office ‘devils.’

Prep the day before

Going back to time management, can you plan some time into your day to prep for the next day? This is another great time saver but also helps us to get all our work stuff out of our head, freeing up our mind space for things we actually want to think about. It also helps a lot with the number 10!


How often do we really find time to relax and unwind? Do we really find time thats totally for us? Finding this time and using it is crucial to our self care, which is ultimately going to keep us replenished (remember that fuel we talked about?) This could be anything that you find soothing or relaxing. For some its reading, for others its cooking great food, for me, I like to walk and take in some fresh air. It’s a common misconception that relaxation is sitting still in the quiet with nothing to do. Yes thats great if it recharges you, but relaxation is also about finding things that ‘soothe your soul’ or help you reach moments of peace. These moments help us to fuel up for the next time that we need to go 1000 miles an hour. If you have trouble finding what is useful to you, have a think about things you like to do and enjoy, and start there.

All in all, work environments are challenging places, that often bring us upset, but don’t forget they can also bring us a sense of success and worthiness. Try and stay on the right path to that success, and don’t be afraid to be yourself. Hopefully these tips help you to look after your mind, and ultimately look after yourself, so that you can choose to be the best version of yourself, always.

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Written by: Amy.

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