A look back on our launch year.

Just like everyone else, we can't quite believe that we're at the end of 2018 already. It only feels like a few short months ago that we launched Girls in Work, to the biggest and loveliest response we could've asked for. The Girls in Work brand has evolved quite a lot since that launch day in March - as does any start-up - and as we slowly start to find our feet in this vast, digital world, we hope that we've provided you with at least some empowerment, inspiration and motivation along the way.

We've posted over 120 articles on the site so far, including lots of your career stories and contributions as well as our own. We've launched a newsletter and had the lovely Gabriella join our team, too.

A 2019 vision.

And so now that we've built the foundations, we're looking to 2019 with ambition and so many plans.

We're already knee-deep in planning our first ever event, which will be a panel/Q&A style session in Liverpool with some pretty incredible women. If you would like first dibs on tickets, make sure you're following us on Twitter, Instagram, and signed up to our newsletter!

Following that, we want to host regular networking brunches across the country, and nail some pretty exciting collaborations with other female-focused organisations while we're at it.

Re-sharing our 'why'.

We quite often get lost and caught up in our day-to-day lists that we forget to take a step back and remind ourselves of why we started. Today, we're doing just that.

Girls in Work launched because we wanted a space to empower other career women. We wanted a space to champion each other up the career ladder through shared advice and experiences. We wanted a space where we could discuss those difficult challenges that we face in the workplace as women, and to give ourselves - and women everywhere - a voice.

The world of business is often a mans world, and so we want to help each other gain the confidence to challenge those men and their rules so that we can smash through that glass ceiling, take a seat at the hypothetical table, and hit our full potential, without having to 'act like a man' to get there.

And so, that's what you're going to see more of over here in 2019. We'll still have all of those lists of advice that we love, but we're here to start discussions and debates around the important issues that we need to talk about. That means you'll be seeing everything from chats about the gender pay gap and gender bias in the workplace, to podcasts you should listen to and books you should read.

We want to lead the discussion about the awkward and the uncomfortable, so that every woman who reads this will feel empowered and confident to make changes at work.

We would love for you to join us in leading the way for change for career women everywhere.

All of our love,

The Girls in Work Team.