4 Lessons I've Learned from Working with Badass Women.

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4 Lessons I've Learned from Working with Badass Women.

The past 3 years of my career were spent working with a team of awesome women. Yes, there were some pretty awesome men too, but it’s the women who made a lasting impact. These women showed me how to take no shit from a male colleague who thinks he knows best, how to stand up for myself without getting emotional, and how important it is to have female role models at work.

From my CEO who managed to balance building and growing a successful company with keeping her employees happy through parties, plants and pizza. To my line manager who was unafraid to put her ideas on the table and always took time to check in with me. These women, amongst others, showed me how to succeed in a world where men still dominate.

These are the four lessons I learnt from working with a group of badass women:

Claim your place at the table

And let them know you’re here to stay. There is often a lot of men around this proverbial table; men who think they know everything, men who would never question whether they should be there and who are always going to speak up, even if what they’re saying is total bullshit. We have to make ourselves heard, and we have to claim our place at that table.

No more fading into the background, hoping not to be noticed, if we want to grow and progress at work we need to be seen. So, be seen.

Ask for a pay rise

My male coworkers rarely seemed to struggle with asking for a pay rise, they knew their worth and they had no shame in asking for more. It took me a while to get to that point, but in asking for an increase in salary I was putting faith in myself, no longer waiting for someone to tell me I was good enough, I was going to tell them that I was good enough. So, remember you are good enough and get that pay rise.

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Bring others up with you

It’s easy to see other women as competition, we’ve basically been trained to do it since childhood, and in a world where it can often feel like women rarely get to the top, seeing other women progressing can fill you with jealousy, but in reality we should be doing the opposite - helping them get there.

If there is anything I’ve learnt from the badass women I’ve worked with, it is that we’re in this together, and every step we can take to make it easier for the next woman the better the world will be.

“The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else get it first.” - Iyanla Vanzant

Trust yourself

Women are less self-confident than men, it’s been proven and it’s a problem. In fact, tackling the ‘confidence gap’ may be a key step in reaching equality in pay for women. Being surrounded by women who trusted their judgement, their knowledge and their skills showed me how important it is that we start trusting ourselves. We are good at our jobs, we are knowledgeable and experienced, we have amazing ideas and worthwhile thoughts, we just have to start trusting, because once we have faith in ourselves we can start to speak up and show them what we’re made of!

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