4 reasons why you need to create a career vision board.

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4 reasons why you need to create a career vision board.

A vision board is a collection of images, words, magazine cut outs, drawings ~ anything ~ that you choose that reflects the goals and ambitions you have in life.

When you put a vision board together, you are essentially looking at everything you want to achieve and also feel. Every day it’s there to remind you of what you’re working towards.

Here’s four reasons why I think you should create your own vision board.

You have a clear sense of your goals.

Often we get so lost and caught up in the world of work that it’s difficult to find time to actually sit and clear our minds to re-focus on our goals and motivations. Setting aside some time to reflect on what you want to achieve in all aspects of life is so important. It allows you to re-evaluate your current situation and ask yourself questions such as:

Is what I’m doing right now reflecting my beliefs and who I am?

Am I on track to achieve my goals and dreams?

Daily Motivation.

When you’ve completed your board, ensure you place it somewhere you will see it every day - that way you’re essentially completing mini daily visualisation exercises! When you do face any hurdles, you can always revisit your board and remind yourself of the amazing things you’re working towards.

It brings out your creative spark.

One thing I love about vision boards is that it allows you to be creative! You could even turn it into a social activity and create one with your friends/work wife. I love discussing goals and dreams with the incredible women I work with, it helps us to stay positive, motivated and ensures we never give up!

Visualisation is one of our greatest tools.

Visualisation is said to be one of the most powerful mind exercises. When you visualise, you’re allowing yourself to create everything you want out of life. By focusing on these goals, I believe that YOU can and will achieve them.

~ Always believe something wonderful is about to happen ~