4 women's charities you can support to get more Girls in Work.

womens charities for girls in work

Supporting women is something that everyone should be doing, whether that be with small businesses or even just supporting women’s rights. There are so many issues that women face all over the world, which is why there are so many charities doing incredible things to combat gender equality, women in poverty, child marriage, the list goes on! With the #MeToo generation of women speaking out about their experiences, there are constant changes in the way in which women now need support. Here are four charities that are doing work to help support women in different ways, if you like the look of any, you can click on the link and find out more.

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Action Aid - A charity that focuses on the inequality of girls and young women, and aims to put women and children first. Their goals are to make sure girls go to school, to end gender-based violence, and they train women in the skills they need to earn a living. You can sponsor a child and help to support the efforts of Action Aid. Creating the opportunity for young girls to go to school is so important for the future and Girls in Work is all about raising awareness of the charities who are doing so much to support young women in poverty.

HeForShe - This charity is a little different but it became popular in 2014, with the likes of Emma Watson raising awareness for gender equality, and how it impacts everyone in every aspect of their lives. HeForShe focuses on how gender equality is a human rights issue and their supporters are raising awareness in their communities worldwide. Whether it is ending child marriage in Malawi or redefining masculinity in Jordan, this is a charity that is doing incredible work, and you can sign up to receive news on the current global campaigns.


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Girl Up – Girl Up is a global leadership development initiative housed by the United Nations Foundation designed to support girls in defending gender equality. They run leadership training to empower young women, they fight to start movements of social change and they raise awareness to achieve equal rights for every girl. Girl Up is also an online community of teen advisors and they work a lot in schools and universities as well as having global advocates and champions such as, Angelica Fuentes and Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan. Champions such as Cara Delevingne and Victoria Justice also work to empower young women and create a new generation of female leaders.

The Fawcett Society - A charity you may not have heard of but you should have, The Fawcett Society is the number 1 charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights. Named after Millicent Fawcett who collected signatures on a petition for women’s votes in 1866, Fawcett lead the constitutional suffrage campaign and devoted her life to the right to vote. Now, the charity works towards creating a society “where no one is prevented from their full potential because of their gender”. They have 4 goals in mind and have a strong mission and vision for the charity. They are also fighting to defend women’s rights post-Brexit as it under EU legislation that equal pay is protected among many other rights.


If you’re interested in supporting women's rights or finding out more about gender equality then definitely have a look at some of these charities. Even if you can’t sponsor or donate it’s useful to be aware of what work is being done and if the time ever comes for a fundraiser, you can keep these charities in mind.

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