5 questions to ask your boss this week.

5 questions to ask your boss

5 Questions to ask your boss this week.

Can I attend that meeting with you?

Some meetings are a total waste of space, and then some meetings can be invaluable. If you know your manager is attending a meeting today/tomorrow/this week that you feel would be beneficial to you, or that would be an opportunity for you to learn something new - be proactive and ask if you can attend with them. This will show that you're keen to learn and develop.

More often than not, your boss probably won't have realised that you weren't on the attendee list, or even thought about the benefits to your progress. So, don't sit around waiting to be asked, because it may never happen if you don't put yourself out there!


Can I lead the next meeting?

If there's a meeting that you already attend regularly and that you're comfortable contributing to, why not ask if you can chair the next one? Again, it's going to show an eagerness to learn and progress, and it will most definitely enable you to develop your own skills and confidence. Oh, and don't forget to ask for feedback afterwards! You'll want to know which areas of presenting/leading you can work on, so you can be all the better next time.

What exactly do I need to have achieved by xx to get that promotion/pay-rise?

Talking about promotions and pay-rises can be scary conversations. In order to help yourself and make them a not-so-awkward occurrence, sit down with your boss and ask them to quantify and record exactly what you need to achieve to get that promotion or pay-rise you're after.

Make sure they're specific goals so that, when it comes to your appraisal or promotion time across the business, you'll have recorded evidence of achieving everything that they asked you to, and therefore a very strong case for yourself. You'll make it harder for your management to brush over you or not give you your well-earned pay rise.

I think this course would be good for my development. Can I attend?

There's a bit of a theme running through this post, isn't there? Basically, be proactive.

While yes, it is part of your managers role and responsibility to oversee your development and ensure that you're doing well and growing within the business - there's no one that can take ownership of your career progression quite like you can. Therefore, don't wait for your yearly appraisal to chat about your development and as before, don't wait to be invited. Go out and ask.

If you see a training course - whether internally within your own company or an external one run by someone else - and you think that it will really aid in your development and assist you in doing your job even better, your boss will struggle to find a reason to say no.

How am I doing?

We can never improve if we don’t receive feedback, but the most important thing about feedback is that it needs to be timely. There's no point your boss giving you feedback in June for something that you did in January… you'll have forgotten whatever it is they're trying to tell you, and well - it's a bit late for you to fix it 6 months down the line, right?

Sometimes, you may find your boss will do this and simply wait until your next review or ad-hoc 121 to give you some feedback - simply because they're busy and get a little distracted. So, ask them. Ask them after you've handed in a project, chaired a meeting or given a presentation. Ask them about anything you would like feedback on straight away… and then you can start working on it straight away!