5 Signs your Job is Taking over your Mental Health.

5 signs your job is taking over your mental health

5 signs your job is taking over your mental health.

Sometimes it’s only when you step out of a situation that you reflect on what had changed. When I left my job of two years, it was only a month after I noticed how much my mindset and physical presence changed. When I take a step back, I look at how upset and probably, undiagnosed, depressed I was.

I had everything going for me, I was getting married, I had a good salary, I had friends and my life was just starting. Yet come 5:30pm, I would spend a solid hour complaining about issues at work to my other half. Having a cry, then repeating the process every day until the weekend came.

Sometimes, being lucky and fortunate does not mean you’re not allowed to be unhappy or have mental health issues. So here’s my top tips to reflect on if you’re worried about your job.


Do you moan as soon as you talk about your job?

If you get home to your other half, parents or friends and just moan all day long about the politics, issues and problems for the day. You need to assess what the underlying issue is. It is not healthy to be moaning every day. There are more jobs out there than you may consider.

Have you cried more than twice in a week about your work?

For me I found that because my work load had disappeared I was so unhappy that I thought I was failing. You begin to question if you’re going to be sacked, why there’s no work, are you no good at it? When in reality, no work means there’s no work. You can’t magic things out of thin air. Hence why, unfortunately redundancy does exist. To be brutal, stop crying and understand why you are. If you truly cry more than twice a week, get yourself out of there. As Marilyn Monroe said, if you don’t deserve me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.


Have you lost your cool a few times when you’re generally a collected person?

Towards the end I lost my cool a few times more than expected. In the heat of the moment, you can’t often control your feelings but it’s worth noting it down when you do. You don’t want to be caught out, sacked or struck off because you lost your cool over something you don’t feel was your fault.

When was the last time you got home and deserved that glass of wine?

I’ve noticed now I work in a much happier job that I LOVE a glass of wine on a Friday. It’s because I feel I’ve worked hard, achieved something and deserve it. Back in my old job, I never fancied a drink. I didn’t even use it to drown my sorrows. I never felt like there was a point to celebrating the weekend because it all too soon came back around. If you don’t care about the weekend anymore, maybe it’s time to change that.


The worst question of them all. Often people won’t leave a job because they’re scared of the ‘what next.’ Don’t be, I don’t know anyone that has left a job and gone, worst decision ever. Especially because if you’re already miserable in the current role, why on earth would something be worse than being upset and grumpy all the time? Consider that next time. Get your LinkedIn up to scratch and look around.

If you are suffering with depression during your career, definitely speak to your doctor and look at ways you can combat the issue. It’s not about hiding from it. Speak to someone and see how you can fix the issue!

Be happy! Life is too short to let your career define you, you work to live not live to work!

Lisa Scott

Written by: Lisa

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