5 small ways to improve your mental wellbeing at work.

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5 small ways to improve your wellbeing at work.

There are so many different factors that can effect our mental health at work and how we feel. Whether that be our workload, our bosses, or the general work environment, it can sure as hell all build up very quickly. And so, to kickstart MHAW here at Girls in Work, here are 5 little things that we can all do every day to help us stay well at the office.

Take your lunch break

We've already discussed why you need to stop skipping your lunch break, and a few little ways that you can ensure you claim that time back as your own, but we really cannot stress how important this is for your mind.

Whether you simply head outside for a short walk around the building and some fresh air, take some time to read a book, or meet a friend for coffee, switching off time is vital for us to remain healthy and well. Anything that will relieve your work worries and stresses, even just for 30 minutes, will do you wonders.

Leave work when you leave work.

When the time comes for you to head home, try and leave your work at work. Resist the temptation to take your laptop home with you because unless you have an immediate deadline, that email can wait until the morning. If you do have to take something home with you, try and designate a set 'work space' in your home. Sitting on the sofa or in bed with your work will only make that 'relaxing' space, not so relaxing anymore.

Create boundaries & stick to your hours.

Similar to the previous point, try and actually leave work on time. Again, unless you have a deadline looming over your head, working long hours every day can be counter-productive. I have experienced, and witnessed, myself how detrimental it can be to work hours and hours and hours of overtime every week. Long hours don't always mean you're working better, as at some point the tiredness and exhaustion will take it's toll on your health, concentration and productivity.

Listen to music.

Listening to music at your desk has been proven to have so many benefits. From blocking out noise around you to help you focus more on the task you're working on, to using slow and quieter music to relax and help you to feel calmer. Popping your headphones in can really help at those times you're feeling the most stressed. Oh, and it may deter that annoying co-worker of yours from talking to you! ;)

Make the most of your commute time.

I don't know many people who enjoy their commute. Commutes can be almost as stressful as your working day, but make them a little more enjoyable by really making the most of that time. Listen to a motivational podcast to inspire you in the morning. Read your book on the train to take your mind off everything and anything work-related. Turn your music up and sing out load to de-stress in the car. Your commute time can be valuable if you make the most of it.

Are there any other little things you can think of? Let us know in the comments, or head over to our Twitter to join in the discussion!

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