5 simple ways to give yourself a break at your desk.

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5 simple ways to give yourself a break at your desk.

Many of us don’t feel like we can truly switch off from work. With the ability to sync our work emails to our mobile phones and the increased freedom to work remotely, it’s no surprise that as a society we are moving further away from the usual 9-5.

Without taking adequate breaks from work, employee productivity, mental well-being and overall work performance begin to suffer.

Taking regular breaks is so important for our health, productivity and general happiness - it can also really help to improve our overall job satisfaction. But let’s be honest, scrolling through Instagram isn’t a great way to give yourself a break, so here’s a few simple steps that you can start to take in order to break up your working day...

Try to move or stretch every half hour

Sounds an easy one to start with? Whether you’re glued to a desk all day or your job involves a lot of standing - try and remember to move or stretch your body. Lean back on your office chair to stretch your arms and back or each time you use the bathroom, have a quick stretch there! This will help to stop your body from stiffening up and becoming too tense and stressed.

Use your lunch break to re-energise whether that’s five minutes or an hour!

I know we can’t always utilise our full lunch break, but I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to just take ten minutes away from your desk to eat your lunch. If you have a bit more time one day use it to completely distract yourself - try meditating, running, going to the gym or taking up a hobby.

If you’re pressed for time, make a cup of tea and sit in a different environment for five minutes. Try to put aside some time to have a breather and re-boost your energy for the rest of the afternoon.

Keep a good book by your desk

By this I mean a fiction book, not a work related book! When you get a tea break, set yourself a target to finish a chapter or flick through a couple of pages. Alternatively, we at #girlsinwork love podcasts! Delving into a great story is a good distraction from work and you never know, that book might just give you the inspiration or idea you need for whatever you’re working on!

Organise your desk

This is for those who struggle to leave your desk! Not only does this give you a quick breather from staring at emails, but it’s also super productive. Take five minutes to file those papers, throw out any clutter or wash that tupperware. I always find a great sense of satisfaction when I tidy my desk and it really helps me to refocus back onto the task I’m working on.

Take phone calls away from your desk

Whether that’s a conference call or phoning your mum, try to take any phone calls away from your desk. Not only does this keep your body moving, but I often feel much more confident and productive taking phone calls in a separate environment.

What other tips would you suggest?

‘You are in charge of how you feel today and today you should choose happiness’ -

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