5 things we've learned from Rachel Zane.

5 things we've learned from Rachel Zane
5 things we've learned from Rachel Zane 2
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5 things we've learned from Rachel Zane

With Meghan Markle about to marry Prince Harry & the Royal Wedding being just over a week away, we thought it only right to dedicate a post to our ultimate (albeit fictional) Girl in Work - Rachel Zane.

Rachel is played by Meghan in the TV show Suits, and if you haven't watched it yet, it comes highly recommended from the GIW team - for the drama, the office wardrobe inspo, and the fact that it's full of incredible and strong female characters, including Donna and Jessica who we could most definitely write whole posts about, too! However, for today, here are 5 things we've learned from Rachel Zane.

Disclaimer - this post may contain Suits spoilers. Read ahead at your own risk!

1. Don't give up.

Rachel never gave up trying to pass the LSATs for her Harvard Law application to be considered. Even though tests freak her out and she came close to resigning herself to being a paralegal forever, she kept trying and finally scored a 172. Even then, when her Harvard application wasn't successful, she still didn't give up on her dream to become a lawyer. And look what a kick-ass lawyer she became.

2. Strive to be independent.

Rachel could have leveraged her connection to her father, Robert Zane, a lot. She could have worked for her father's firm and had a safe, secure job at home. She also could have taken advantage of her family's wealth and not worked at all. However, Rachel preferred to go out and create her own life and achievements. She landed herself her own job with a different firm, with her own salary to live on and worked hard by herself to get into law school and climb the corporate ladder. On her own.

3. Believe what you believe in & persevere.

Rachel never stopped believing that she would make a great lawyer. She never stopped believing that Mike would get out of prison. She never stopped believing that Leonard Bailey - her death row case - should be freed despite the push backs and doubts she was getting from everyone else, including Leonard himself. However, her perseverence and strong will meant that she won a case that no one else thought she would, and managed to get Leonard off death row.

4. Your work wardrobe can be fabulous.

We don't think we need to explain this one too much because a quick Google of Rachel Zane and you'll see exactly what we mean. If we could have every one of Rachel's outfits she wears to the office, that would be fabulous. Please and thank you.

5. Be driven, work hard & support the ones you love.

Along with the majority of the Suits characters, Rachel is hard working and driven. As well as never giving up on getting into Law School and becoming a lawyer, working late and after hours to complete a case is never out of the question. Even when she was working as a paralegal, often the associates would come to her for advice and help with their own work. And of course, she would never say no to help the ones she loved. Mike, Harvey, Donna... and even for Louis, Rachel would go out of her way to help if they needed.