7 Productivity hacks to adopt into your working day.

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7 productivity hacks to adopt into your working day.

Some days, you just need to be productive. You have a to-do list as long as your arm and you're not entirely sure where to start or how you're going to get everything done. And so, if you're having one of those weeks where you need to be at your most efficient, here are 7 productivity hacks that we can all adopt into our working days.

Turn off your phone's push notifications.

There's nothing more distracting than having your phone light up and buzz with your social notifications on a regular basis. It can throw you off your line of thought, and halt that roll you were on in getting your work done. So, remove the temptation to check your phone by either turning off your notifications, or popping your phone in your drawer until you've got that task done! Think of checking your phone as a little treat... tick those two things off and you can have some social time afterwards. Honestly, it works a treat.

Quit your emails.

Similarly, quit your emails. Log out of your email account to stop your emails pinging at you every five minutes or that notification appearing in the corner of your screen. If someone needs something doing urgently, they'll call you. So, again - remove the temptation to stop your work flow by replying to non-urgent emails by setting yourself set time to check-in and reply.

Whether it's five minutes every hour, 15 minutes every two, or specific times of the day such as 9am, lunchtime, and 5pm. You don't realise how distracting your emails are until you take them away.

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Save, save, save your work! There is nothing more demotivating and stressful than losing your work after you've spent hours preparing a report or an assignment - it's happened to me more times than I care to admit. Get into the habbit of saving your work every 15 minutes. It literally takes a second but could save you hours!

Put yourself under pressure.

Okay, bear with us on this one as it may sound a little silly at first. But, who works the best when you're under pressure or working to a very tight deadline?

Yeah, us too. So, create a 'mini-crisis' for yourself by setting yourself a tight deadline and stick to it. Pretend your boss or your manager needs that report you've been putting off in the next two hours. Or, that project you've been slowly working on now needs completing by the end of the week.

You'll be amazed at how spectacularly this can work!


Stop multitasking.

We've all been there and convinced ourselves that we're superwoman and can get all of those 7 things left on your to-do list done at once. However, we hate to break it to you, but multitasking is quite a myth and most often doesn't work. Instead of dividing your attention between multiple tasks and switching between them, focus your time and energy into one thing at once. Focus on the task at hand only, and you may be surprised at how much your productivity will improve.

Adopt the two-minute rule.

If something will take you less than two minutes to complete, do it now.


Book yourself a meeting room.

And finally, if you have a monstrous day ahead of you and you know you're going to really need to concentrate, book yourself a meeting room and work from there. This way, you'll have no distractions. No well-meaning colleagues coming over to chat to you at your desk. No phone call interruptions. No wandering over to the printer to catch your friend to double check your dinner plans for tonight. No accidentally dropping into conversations with the people next to you and losing 15 minutes of your day.

This one really works, and most often than not, will let your colleagues know that you really just need some time to concentrate.