Fashion journalism, freelance writing & living abroad - Gabriella's Career Story.

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Gabriella's Career Story.

I always loved reading magazines but I also had a slightly unusual education in that I started off at a theatre school. I grew up wanting to be on the stage and in magazines, but in the pictures themselves. After years of pouring my heart and soul into this before realising that, actually I wasn’t ever very good, this is not the path I ended up taking at all. I then went to a more traditional sixth form college and got my place at University to study Law, again this is not the path I took. I decided it was time to have a break and took a gap year and worked as much as my retail job would allow me. It wasn’t until I took this retail gap year that I decided I liked writing, and it all started with a blog. It was soon apparent that just writing about fashion for my blog wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to become better at it and took my passion as a sign that I should study it further.

I applied to study fashion journalism with pretty much only a love of magazines and an obsession with fashion blogs and managed to get on a course where I could study modules that sounded like a dream to me. It was a little different than what I had had in mind, but having graduated a year ago now I can look back on my time at university a little bit more objectively. It’s not that I didn’t love my course, I loved what I was studying but I personally feel it just wasn’t enough of what I wanted to study to enable me to create the career I wanted. I know my course has changed since I’ve left which I think speaks volumes to how ahead of the game, a course like fashion journalism has to be to stay relevant. Studying fashion journalism for three years, in a course where I was told that blogging was narcissistic, was pretty heartbreaking for someone who had spent hours creating something that I had once been so proud of. It also turns out to be completely untrue as many fashion blogs have changed the format of how more traditional fashion magazines influence their audience. But that’s for another blog post, or thesis!

I graduated with a 2:1 and was happy, but gutted it was over, as well as my excuse for hoarding over 200 copies of ELLE magazine. As a new graduate I decided to go on a holiday which pretty much changed my entire perspective on what I was doing with my life. I met people who had spent their teens travelling around the world, living in all different cultures, experiencing a whole lot of different ideas and perspectives on the way you can live. I wouldn’t say I had a quarter life crisis but I’m not going to lie, it was pretty close. I felt my worth was so tied up in my degree classification that I was dreading joining the graduate rat race to compete with the thousands of other applicants who all had similar degrees and experience to me. I had spent three years, interning, working 40 hours weeks at my local job, putting ridiculous amounts of hours into work to the point that I was near exhaustion and this need to compete all evaporated with one holiday. I didn’t want to move to London anymore and get a job at the bottom of a company. I didn’t want to work somewhere I didn’t love just for the sake of having a job that was vaguely related to something I wanted to do. I got selfish and decided that I wasn’t going to take part in this.

Deciding to move home, work a crappy job and save to travel is not the most cliche thing I’ve done in my life but it was pretty up there. Starting a travel blog and applying to work abroad was the next step and that brings you to where I am now. I’m a fashion journalism graduate, a freelance writer and I live abroad. I work for a company which means I get to live abroad for eight months in a summer destination and all I know that is next for me is a winter season where I will work in a ski resort. I love living abroad, meeting people from all over the world and experiencing a different way to live my life. I also still work extremely long hours as my job is full time and then I spend my spare time building my business as a freelance writer. Writing is what I love to do so no matter what, I would have ended up either blogging or writing for companies somewhere. I chose to do that abroad in the sun for eight months instead of at home. In the future I hope to be a full time writer, either freelance, or for a publication but until that happens, I’m happy to write when I can and travel as much as possible.

Photo credit: Stuart @

Photo credit: Stuart @

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