Forget what everyone else is saying, and remember to just do you.

just do you

Remember to just do you.



When you see those two words separately do you believe they belong together? As a young woman I am often told I should work in an office environment and know how to organise the time of those above me. The number of times I have been told I should not be working in the field that I do is something which has always and will always concern me.

I have always had a passion for science, specifically biology. The knowledge of how we and the world around us functions is something which I believe is the most powerful thing we will ever be able to understand.

My entire life I dreamed of achieving more than many ever believed was possible for me. I, as many children do, dreamt of becoming a vet. I was on my way to achieving that until at the age 17 when I began to allow other peoples doubts and opinions to influence the way I worked. I was studying my A-Levels and began to fall behind and had no way of catching up. It was at the end of those two years that it was confirmed to me that my lifelong dream was no longer within my reach.

To cut a long story short, my amazing head of sixth form, Mrs S somehow managed to convince a university to take me. A university which I despised when I had visited the year previously. The University of Chester to study Forensic Biology. I had never even thought about a career in forensics.

A valuable lesson I learnt from three years in Chester is to allow for second chances, had I continued to be so stubborn then I would never have realised how much I was truly capable of and graduated with a first-class degree in Forensic Biology from a great university. I would have never met the most amazing friends I could ask for. And finally, I would never have had the opportunity to study at my dream university, the University of Liverpool for my Masters.

I imagine I will continue to receive the comments I have done for the past few years, but now I know that they do not have the power to influence how I carry myself and how I reach my goals.

I believe that we are capable of more than we know, and far more than others give us credit for.

Remember ladies, we are capable of great things. We have the power to change the world around us. And you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Written by: Emily.

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