Girls in Work 2.0

Welcome to Girls in Work 2.0. You may notice that there’s not been much change to the site and normally, when there’s a ‘2.0’ of something, it comes with a huge, visual overhaul. Our overhaul however, has been something that you can’t see, yet. We’re back and more focused than ever on being your go-to resource for career-minded women.  We’ve been quietly planning and strategising away in the background, creating lots of new content and planning our next event!

If you’ve stuck around with us while we took a little break, then we can’t thank you enough, and if you’re new here, welcome! 

Because we’ve been away for so long, we thought we’d re-share with you who we are, and what our mission is here at GIW, in the hope that you’ll join us in continuing on with this journey!

Who are we?

Girls in Work is an online platform, resource and network - founded by career women, for career women.

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What do we do?

Through advice articles, interviews and events, we hope to empower, inspire and motivate women to be ambitious, powerful, and successful at work. We open conversations that need to be had around both social and personal issues that women face in the workplace. We empower women to have these conversations and then break through the issues together. 

We create networks for like-minded and ambitious career women who all share similar goals, regardless of career or background.

Developing a career, whatever the workplace or industry can be daunting, particularly as working environments are changing and adapting quicker than ever. As we navigate through our career paths, set those goals and develop our skills, it can be difficult to know

where and who to go to whether that's for advice, a little motivation or just simply some words of encouragement. So, we're here to tell you that Girls in Work has your back, we'll be your biggest fans and help to provide a platform that forms the support network you need to help you make that next step.

Who do we do it for?

Career women who aspire to be at the top. Women who don't want to start their own businesses, but rather want to climb the more traditional career ladder, manage teams and smash their goals. Women who may just need a little more confidence in themselves.

Women who want to know how to be a good employee and a good leader. Women who want to know how to navigate the workplace and the politics effectively to achieve results whilst still being themselves.

Why do we do it?

Simply? Because we are passionate about it. We are passionate about fighting for equal opportunities for women in the workplace and empowering women to be themselves and not to be afraid of success. We are passionate about helping women to overcome the struggles and issues that we, ourselves, have faced, and will continue to face unless we motivate change. 

So, what can you expect from us over the next few months?

Well, we’ll certainly be getting back to posting regular content here on We have interviews and posts lined up, ready to go, and we’re just really excited to get going again.

After the success of our first Girls in Work LIVE event back in January, we have started planning our next one! We hope to release the details of this soon, so do keep checking back!

As always, we’d love to hear from you, and we are back to looking for contributor posts and career stories. Check out our Write for Us page if you have a story to tell or a post you’d love to share.

Soph & Em