How to build your confidence in the workplace.

How to build your confidence in the workplace

How to build your confidence in the workplace.

Confidence isn’t something we are naturally born with, neither is it something we can simply develop overnight. In the workplace, confidence and self-belief is something myself and many of my female colleagues have wanted to focus on and develop over the early stages of our careers.

Whether that’s feeling confident to step up in meetings, deliver strong presentations, feeling comfortable in general office debates or simply making yourself more visible.

Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes. There are however, a number of things you can start to practice to help build your inner confidence.

It takes persistence and a touch of positivity, but I really hope the below gives you a good starting point.

Find the source to the problem

Confidence isn’t something we are naturally gifted with. As we grow up, learn, develop and experience new situations – they all feed into our personable skills and who we are as individuals. Think about whether a certain situation or experience may have caused you to struggle with confidence. If you can pinpoint the source, you can start to reflect on it and have a think about how to overcome it.

Preparation and training

Another key strategy to build confidence is to do your research. If you feel confident in your own knowledge and area of expertise, you’ll feel better equipped to step up in work situations and give your opinion. Do you have a weekly Monday morning meeting? Plan in advance what you’d like to say and talk about, even if it’s just one thing. It’s a start.

If your company runs training sessions, try and attend as many as possible. The group situation may feel a little daunting, but the more you go – the more knowledge you gain and the more people you meet - bonus!

building confidence in work

Visualise and accept

Grab yourself a cuppa tea, sit down with a pen and paper and write down what you want to achieve. What and where do you want to be? If you can visualise it – you start to believe, accept, and become more invested in it. In turn, you will start to feel more and more confident that you can achieve it. Make sure you keep it somewhere you will notice, so it acts as an everyday reminder of what you’re working towards. :)

Do what you fear

The reality is, if you want to improve confidence, you’ll most likely have to do something that terrifies you. But that’s okay!

Start small such as setting a goal for each week and ensure you stay persistent with yourself – allow it to become a habit. You can set pop ups on your phone to remind yourself to reflect back on whether you’ve achieved the specific goal that week. It will be difficult at first but remember that nothing terribly awful will happen.

I recommend the book ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway’ by Susan Jeffers – perfect if you’re after an uplifting and motivating holiday book to read.

Reward yourself

When you’ve achieved that weekly goal or smashed that presentation – go do something you love, you deserve it! It’s important to reward yourself when you’ve made an achievement. If you haven’t already, have a look at my post on how to become your own biggest fan.

Fake it

We know the phrase. And we know it works. Keep pushing yourself, keep believing and practice, practice, practice.