How to prepare for your new job.

how to prepare for your new job

How to prepare for your new job.

So, you’ve finally made it through the applications, the grueling interview phase and you’ve handed in your notice. Congratulations! You’re ready to jump headfirst into a brand-new position and hopefully make a stride in your career.

However, starting fresh somewhere can be a daunting experience, so here’s how you can prepare for your first day at your new job, without feeling too much like the new kid at school:

Familiarise yourself

You probably researched the company inside-out when you were preparing for your interview, but now that a little bit of time has passed it won’t hurt to just take some time to re-familiarise yourself with their business and the kind of work that they do.

If you’ve been lucky enough to have a few days off in-between, then also taking some time to evaluate your skills and the areas you might be lacking in could be hugely beneficial in giving you confidence on your first day.


Learn your commute

It sounds simple but just taking a second look over how you’re travelling to work in the morning, public transport or even just how busy the roads get in rush hour, could save a whole lot of anxiety. There’s nothing worse than turning up late and flustered on your first day.

Dress to impress

It can be nerve-wracking picking an outfit at the best of times, but choosing something professional without standing out like a sore-thumb is crucial before your first day. If you’re not sure, there’s absolutely no harm in sending over an email to clarify what employee dress-code expectations are.

Look at our tips on building a work wardrobe on a budget for some inspiration.

Get your documents together

If you’ve moved from one job to another you’ll need to make sure that you have all the appropriate documentation, for example, your P45 and any ID you might need to show them. Ideally your company contact should help you onboard, but it doesn’t hurt to have your own checklist to prepare for your first week.

… and relax

Remember that there’s a good reason why you were employed by this company. You’re capable, you’re clearly skilled enough and this is an exciting time for you! It’s difficult to shake all the nerves off, but embrace this new start. (I know that I’m going to need to read this tip back before my first day!)

Written by: Rach Hallett, Gather the Rosebuds

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