In Discussion With: Jess - BA Cabin Crew & Brand Ambassador

Photo credit:   Jess @TheLayoverLife

I know a lot of people who work in the travel industry, in fact I work for a travel company myself. It seems to be a career path that many have questions about - particularly if you live and work abroad or create a career from something that many people only experience whilst on their, once-a-year holiday. I know I am not the only one obsessed with Instagram and looking at all the incredible places that travel bloggers get to go to, so who better to interview then someone who combines a career in the skies, with a travel blog full of incredible content? I spoke to Jess from The Layover Life, in between her hectic schedule to get a better idea of what it takes to juggle a demanding career and also a wanderlust worthy travel blog.

I know you’ve been an ambassador for a while and worked as cabin crew for four years but can you tell me a bit about what you did leading up to cabin crew?

I graduated university in 2012 and worked as a project coordinator for a European Educational Trust. The only excitement I got out of the office job was getting to travel to Strasbourg and Brussels during my time there. I quickly realised the travel element was keeping me motivated at work and maybe it was better I pursued a career in travel than education.

Photo credit:   Jess @TheLayoverLife

Photo credit: Jess @TheLayoverLife

Did you leave school wanting to do cabin crew?

No, it was actually when I graduated I met someone who flew for BA and she showed me her roster and talked to me about the training and what it was like to be cabin crew. I immediately became infatuated with the whole process. I signed up to job alerts and applied the second I saw the airline was recruiting.

What does it mean to be a brand ambassador, does it impact your flights in any way?

I promote the business at events in London and around the world. It can be anything from promoting a new product on board to flying to a new destination for a route launch. It’s all done in my spare time and doesn’t impact my flying career.

Any advice for people who want to work in cabin crew or maybe even as a travel blogger?

If you’ve been sitting on the idea of maybe applying to become crew then do it now. You’ll never regret the fact you tried. I hear so many people say they always wanted to be a flight attendant but then they had kids or life got in the way and now they really regret not going for it. So just go for it. The same goes for becoming a travel blogger, stop worrying about what people will think or whether your content isn’t good enough just start writing, start taking pictures and start documenting it all. You’ll soon realise your style and niche.

How do you handle juggling both cabin crew and creating content for your travel blog and Instagram?

I’m part time now so I only fly for three weeks of the month. My part time week is dedicated to catching up on blogging, filming content for my youtube channel, editing pictures, planning my instagram feed and also working on whatever partnerships I have with brands and making sure I am able to meet the deadlines for the following month. When I was full time I struggled to find time to motivate myself when I wasn’t jet lagged or actually just spending time socialising with family and friends, so having my part time week really allows me to focus on the growth of my blog.

What is your absolute favorite thing about your job as cabin crew and then your favorite thing about your job

I love seeing all parts of the world, and getting to see them over and over again in different seasons and with different people. The best part about being a travel blogger is having somewhere to document all your experiences and adventures and being able to look back on them.

Where would you say is your favorite place in the world that you’ve been too?

Italy. I love the food, the weather, the landscape, the people, the coffee, the wine. The list is endless!

Photo credit:   Jess @TheLayoverLife

Photo credit: Jess @TheLayoverLife

Where is left on your list to go, either on a flight or on holiday?

The Philippines is definitely next on my list. We don’t operate a direct flight there so it’s somewhere that seems so far away to me and I’m desperate to explore it.

What does a typical flight day look like for you? (I know there isn’t a typical day as such but maybe like a

I’ll get ready for work and head to the airport 2 hours before my pre flight briefing. After the brief we’ll head to the aircraft and operate a flight which can be anything from 40 minutes to Manchester to 14 and a half hours to Santiago. If I’m nightstopping I’ll get to the hotel and decide if I’m having an explore type trip or a chill trip. Chill trips tend to be US cities I’ve visited numerous times and consist of netflix and room service. If I’m deciding to explore I’ll download the offline map for that destination and start pinning sights I want to see. If other crew want to join me then it’s great to have the company, if not im more than happy venturing out alone to explore.

Any Instagram tips for creating stunning travel content?

Find out what your style and theme is and go with it. Be consistent and be unique to yourself. Use editing apps to improve the quality of your photos. I edit with Lightroom (like most instagrammers)

Where do you see yourself in five years time? Do you still want to be traveling the world?

Absolutely still flying but definitely a little more part-time depending on when I start a family. Right now I can’t see any other future for myself than being cabin crew :)

If you’re reading this and thinking cabin crew sounds like the job for you, BA have applications open now! You can find out more here if you want to take advice from Jess and apply now. You can find The Layover Life here and see what Jess is up to on Instagram here.

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