In discussion with: Laura Thorburn - UK Marketing Manager - ActionCOACH

So tell us a bit about what you do?

ActionCOACH is a franchise company that helps businesses grow and develop. We manage coaches, (franchise partners) who work with individual businesses, from helping business owners increase their profits, to growing their teams or just helping to create a better work life balance. 

My primary role is to run the marketing for our 200+ franchise partners in the UK, helping our coaches get new clients and also recruit new franchise partners.

Is this what you have always wanted to do? How did you get to where you are now?

When I was younger, my dream job was to be a Veterinary nurse, but after spending two weeks working at a Vets I knew that wasn’t for me. 

I studied Media at college and one of the modules I really enjoyed was Marketing. From here I went onto University and studied Marketing and Media. I think the penny dropped when I was at University in my second year - I started to get excited about the amount of different opportunities available and the different jobs you can do within marketing.

After University I made quite a bold move to go travelling for four months which was a huge learning curve for me. It built my confidence massively and when I came back to the UK I felt confident in myself to go into a role within marketing and succeed.

It just so happened that I found an advert on Linkedin for ActionCOACH and ended up going for an interview the co-founder of the company loved my enthusiasm, drive and positivity and offered me the job. The rest is history, I’ve been here three and a half years now.

Tell us the best part of your job?

There’s an assessment that I think every single person should do which is called a DISC assessment. It tells you about your personality traits and helps you better connect with other people in the work environment. I got rated ‘I’ out of DISC which means I am a people person, I’m very talkative, and creative - so my role fits me well as I get to meet so many people, express my different ideas and make them a reality. 

I also have the opportunity to try new things and test new marketing strategies. I work in a small team, which can be difficult at times but there are also huge benefits. I’m the point of contact for all the coaches and I get to listen to their ideas and find out what's working for them.

Being in a small team also means that I have to manage my day well and organisation is key to make sure I optimise my time effectively. However, it can also be hard as you have to set your own KPIs and stick to them. 

To help with that, I have an accountability partner at work, which can be anyone you know - a friend or colleague, and you support each other with reaching your goals. I recommend that everyone has a partner as it really helps me to stay on track!

What advice would you give to other career women with aspirations like yourself?

Make sure you write down what you want to achieve, whether that’s through a dreamboard or a diary. If you have a positive attitude and determination then you’ll achieve anything you put your mind too.

What’s one piece of advice you wish you had been given, or learned, sooner?

Don’t stress too much about the small things in life. When you look at the bigger picture, those small things are irrelevant. If you don’t get your first job of choice, that's okay because something else will be coming around the corner!

What keeps you inspired?

Having positive and aspirational people around me. If you surround yourself with people who you aspire to be, you will become one of those people too. I don’t think I would’ve got to where I am without my friends as they spur me on and push me further than I can ever imagine.

What’s next for Laura?

We’ve got an exciting advert that is soon going to be on Sky TV which I’m really excited about. As a project manager of the strategy, it’s helped me develop my skills further in the field of marketing. 

In the long term, I would love to grow the team and build the marketing department within the company.

Finally, how do you switch off from all of this?

Netflix is a godsend, especially the crappy Netflix films! I also have a dog which I can take to work every day so even in the office environment I can switch off and go cuddle my dog!