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During a fleeting visit to London a few weeks ago, we sat down with Lily - a Digital Editorial Coordinator for Wallis who had been recommended to us by none other than her own boss. We couldn’t wait to meet her and hear all about her career path to working for one of the top global fashion businesses.

So, let’s start at the beginning - what does a digital editorial Coordinator do?

I work for Wallis, which is one of the brands under the Arcadia Group umbrella and my job is essentially split into three different parts;

  • Social media; I work on scheduling the socials and briefing in ideas and photos for the Instagram grid and what we put on our stories and all of that fun stuff!

  • Influencers; we work with a lot of influencers at Wallis, and so part of my job is finding the right influencers that we think will work really well with the brand, approaching them and developing a relationship with them that will hopefully lead to us working together on collaborations. I find the products that they will be working with, as well as manage the content when they create and deliver it. We work on a lot of collaborations with influencers for London and Paris fashion week and we normally have 5 influencers that create content for us over a 3 month period. I also assist with any influencer trips we do!

  • Editorial; this is the biggest aspect of my job and it involves briefing in all emails that Wallis sends to the design team. I work on website features such as the LookBooks and lifestyle features, as well as other bits and bobs around the site. For example - when you hover over the main dropdown menu and there’s featured images of products… that’s us!

I really love having such a varied role and having a mix of all three.

What’s your story? How did you get into doing what you do?

I actually studied Theatre and Performance at the University of Leeds which was a really good degree for me. It was such a good all-rounder and it really helped to build my confidence. When I graduated in 2016, I had no idea what I wanted to do! I initially thought I’d work in theatre as it seemed like an obvious natural progression from my degree, however I almost ‘fell’ into Arcadia through their graduate scheme - it’s called the Future Talent scheme - and I started out in Merchandising. I worked in that department for nearly a year as a Merchandising Admin Assistant.

However, I think I very quickly realised that merchandising wasn’t really for me. It was very numbers based and I missed working creatively. I definitely don’t regret starting my career out there though, as by the end of it, I knew the structure of the business and the product really well.

I then applied for a job that had come up in the digital team - it was for a Social and Editorial Assistant and the rest is history, really! I’ve been here for 16 months now, and our team has grown from a team of two to a team of six, so it’s a really exciting part of the business to be in.

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What’s your favourite part of your job?

I think my favourite part about my job has to be the variation. There’s so much of it that every day can be different and I love that. I also work in the most fantastic team which is just lovely.

And the most challenging?

The most challenging part of my job is probably the fact that I work in a digital team in a digital world - everything moves at a million miles an hour and there’s often a lot of change! You’ve got to be adaptable and keep up with everything that’s going on, but that’s what keeps it exciting, I guess.

Do you have any advice that you would give to your younger self?

It would probably have to be… don’t stress! I’d also reassure her that the job you get first does not have to be the job you have for the rest of your life, and to work through it until you find something that you’re truly passionate about.

And what about to anyone thinking of getting into your industry?

I’d say that if you don’t have any ‘official’ experience, create your own. Start a side project with something that your’e passionate about that will display the skills required to get you into the industry - whether it’s a blog or an interiors portfolio, it can be anything at all, but it’s totally possible to create your own experience.

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Do you spend a lot of time on Instagram?

Yes! Everyone on our team would probably say that we never switch off because of this aspect of our jobs. Even if you’re just scrolling on your personal account, you may discover an influencer that we could be working with, a really good Instagram grid or a Insta story template that could work well on our pages that you save or make a note of or email to yourself to bring it up in the office.

I think anyone who is in the social media or digital space would agree that it’s almost a 24 hour role because we have to constantly reply to comments or are messaging each other ideas!

Where do you see yourself in the future?

The world of influencers is just getting bigger and bigger, and I can really see myself staying in this particular part of it for the long-haul. The fashion industry is very unpredictable and volatile however, so I don’t think that I can say I’ll still be in fashion in ten years time because no one knows just what that landscape is going to look like. But, I do really enjoy the editorial side of my job and it’s an area I’d love to pursue and experience more of.

And finally, how can we stay in touch?

Instagram, is probably the best way to go! I’m @lilyameliahall.


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