It's time to embrace the discomfort zone.

It's time to embrace your discomfort zone

Be willing to step outside your comfort zone once in a while; take the risks in life that seem worth taking. The ride might not be as predictable if you'd just planted your feet and stayed put, but it will be a heck of a lot more interesting.

Being in your comfort zone is essentially being in a neutral state. Stress and anxiety will likely be minimal and you will feel very much aware of what’s coming next and be able to plan for it.

Although being in our comfort zone gives a sense of feeling safe, this isn’t necessarily a good thing. If you feel yourself moving towards the stage of being too comfortable, you could potentially be holding yourself back as oppose to challenging yourself to learn, grow and try new things.

I’m a huge believer that pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is essential to personal growth. Think about it...if we only stick to our habits and set routine, how can we evolve in our lives and careers?

If you look to switch your focus and purposely do things outside of your comfort zone - doing something that makes you feel nervous, gives you butterflies or makes you feel on edge - you are allowing new opportunities and experiences to present themselves to you.

Have you ever done something you were really proud of when you were in autopilot mode?

make today count

I’m not suggesting you have to do something big or dramatic, you could simply make one small change a day. Perhaps switching your route to work? Trying a new class outside of work with a new group of people? Putting a meeting in the diary that you plan to lead?

So how can this help you in the workplace?

New experiences can change everything about what you believe, what you like to do, how you behave and how you live - the possibilities are truly endless.

Try and look at your career as a number of steps and stages. Each day, week or month you will be presented with new opportunities, challenges, setbacks and learnings.

I want to encourage you to embrace every new experience that you can.


Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone can unlock creativity and often enable you to perform stronger. I’m very much an over-organiser and I like to plan my daily and weekly tasks in advance so I know exactly what I’m doing. However, I’ve learnt that I perform my strongest when under pressure. So if there’s a project with a short deadline, I try and put myself forward for it. Each time I put myself on the spot, I know that I’m learning and growing as a person and pushing myself to learn new skills.

I’d also look to reach out to those around you - whether that’s a close friend or a trusted colleague at work. Tell them what you want to achieve and ask for honest feedback and advice. They can help to push you too, and you can always fall back on them for support.

Finally, remember that we’re all in this together - each and every one of us will be reluctant to step out of our comfort zone at times, don’t let the fear of setbacks stop you. The ability to think flexibly, solve problems and embrace fresh challenges is so important.

So, today, right now I challenge you to write down something that falls outside of your comfort zone and set yourself the task to be brave and reach into the unknown.

Challenges are not threats, they are opportunities