I didn't go to Uni & now I'm a Digital Marketing Exec - Meg's (eventful!) Career Story.

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My grand career plan has been pretty much non-existent until last year – much to my parents’ delight! From a young age, when asked “what to do you want to be when you’re older?” my answer was honestly, “to be a princess” and “to travel the world”. I was told that I should forget my dream of becoming a princess, however the royals married Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, so these weddings reignited my dream slightly. SLIGHTLY.

My #GirlsInWork story is slightly different to some of the other amazing women venturing into the big wide (what I found to be very scary) world, however it has the same ending – I’m a girl in work! I’m currently a digital marketing executive at a digital marketing agency. Here, I undertake a range of bits n bobs, like web design, social media management, creating, running and analysing campaigns, creating ads, managing websites, SEO etc. I always thought that to get my job I’d need to go to uni and get a degree. Here’s the problem I was faced with BEFORE I got my job…

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I got A’s in my GCSE Information Communication and Technology (ICT), Leisure and Tourism, and English Lang and Lit. As for the rest, I got some comfortable C’s and B’s (and a D). Nevertheless, I wanted to go to a prestigious sixth form and basically begged my way through the interview. My plan was to do psychology; however, I was told because I only got a B in science (my B in PSYCHOLOGY didn’t seem to contribute in their eyes) I wasn’t allowed to study it at A-Level. Instead I was given English Lang and Lit, Film Studies, and Communication and Culture. I won’t lie, I was BORED OUT OF MY BRAINS. Long story short, I promised myself I would finish my first year, and I did – my AS Results were BBC. I was then asked which uni I was going to. My reply was, “I’m not going to uni”. I was basically forgotten about. I officially left a few weeks after this conversation with a lecturer, and I continued receiving class presentations for about a year after. I was also sent a congratulations email for finishing my A-Levels even though I left halfway through and didn’t finish them.

Fast forward a few months and I’m officially SCREWED. I haven’t become specialised in anything, my good grades have nothing in common, and the restaurant I was waitressing at burnt down and I no longer had a job either. Needless to say, I had a few trips to the doctors about my mental health. So, how did I get to where I am now, without having anything I needed?


APPRENTICESHIPS MY FRIEND. I know what you’re thinking, “so, you’re a builder?” (I thought the same). I started applying for every single one I came across. The only one who got back to me took me on for 12 months, I was to do a Digital Marketing and Social Media for Business Level 3 Diploma. I worked 4 days a week for very little money, and attended a college on Fridays to work on my assignments. During these 12 months, I was out of work and college for 3 months as I ended up in hospital having major emergency surgery. I didn’t think I’d achieve my qualification. But this was something I wanted, I was good at it, and I needed it, so I worked very hard to complete it. The college and place of work granted me 6 extra weeks after the deadline to get it all completed, and I did it in 3. I was so happy I could have cried!

The company I was working for took me on, as I now had a qualification which is the equivalent of 3 A-Levels and a year’s experience. I am truly thankful to my boss for everything they’ve done to help me through and to achieve something amazing. I’m now 19, a digital marketing executive, I manage my own clients, I travel around a lot, and I’m so happy. I was put on a good wage, and in recent months I received a pay rise!

I’ve honestly never been more content, I have a fantastic work-life balance and have lots of freedom. It’s also helped me combat my anxiety greatly which is another thing I’m grateful for. The reason I wanted to write in to #GirlsInWork, is because I’ve noticed that there are not many girls within the industry of digital marketing. Girls, we’re creative, we’re artsy, we’re ballsy AF, and every single one of us is strong and unique in our own ways. If you know how to use a computer, if you’re a lover of all things Insta, and if you’ve got the willpower of a tsunami – you WILL make it. The past year has made me realise just how strong us girls are. The workplace needs more of us!


A girl who is living proof that having no money, nearly literally dying, and having crippling anxiety is no obstacle for something that we want. You do you.

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Written by: Meg.

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