Let's talk about tea etiquette in the office.

tea etiquette in the office

Let's talk about tea etiquette in the office.

I don’t know about you but I love a good cup of tea. It’s basically the liquid form of a dressing gown. Feeling blue? Pop the kettle on. Boyfriends broken up with you? Pop the kettle on. Had a shit day? Pop the kettle on. There’s nothing quite like sipping a brew to drown your sorrows.

Us brits love our tea, with a whopping 84% of us drinking tea every single day. We also spend a heck load of time in work so what better way of procrastinating than making a brew every other hour of the day?

When you work in an office, it’s inevitable that you’re going to drink tea. And if you don’t drink tea, you’ll probably drink coffee. And if you don’t drink either, a kettle is bound to reside in your office. This means there’s going to be politics. Hot water politics.

So let’s get the rules straight once and for all, because no one deserves to be landed in hot water.


No one should be asking for a cup of tea unless being they’re being offered one (like dude, make one yourself if you want one so bad). No job description has ‘tea brewer’ on it so unless you want one too - don’t bother.


On that note, IF you’re making one, ask if anyone else wants one too. If you don’t then that’s pretty rude and you probably won’t be much of a hit in the office.

If you do end up brewing for a few people - maybe grab yourself a pen and paper. People can be very particular about how they have their tea, and you don’t want to face the wrath of Stressed-out-Susan if her tea isn’t the right colour of brown or you’ve given Dave half a sugar instead of a sweetener and ruined his whole morning.


Everyone should do their fair share of the kettle round in the office. It’s noticeable when one person is making tea all the time but it becomes even more noticeable when someone’s steering clear of the kettle.


As the typical human beings that we are we can be pretty forgetful, but forgetting to put your pound in the kitty every week to buy milk is a forgetful trait your colleagues certainly won’t be happy with.


I’m serious. If you think the office air-con wars are bad, wait until you accidentally ask someone if they put the milk in the first. Instant regret.

Written by: Amara

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