time is our most valuable commodity

Time is our most valuable commodity, how are you going to invest it?

We have always believed that time is our most valuable commodity. It’s the one thing that you can’t replace and it’s the one thing that you can’t get any more of than what is given to you. Your time is valuable. Whether you’re an intern or a director, your time is worth something, and how we choose to spend it is so important. Once a day is gone, it’s gone.

Recently, we listened to The Diary of a CEO - a podcast by Steven Bartlett, the 25 year old CEO and co-founder of Social Chain Group. During Episode 7, he talks about the importance of investing your time and how he chooses to spend his own time, and it really resonated with us.

Steven talks about how every morning when he wakes up, he imagines himself walking over to a roulette wheel, for which he has 24 chips to place. The 24 chips, of course, representing the 24 hours each one of us has in a day. Each day, at least 8 of those chips are instantly placed on the ‘sleep and eat’ square, which leaves you with 16 chips.

How are you going to spend those 16 chips, in order to generate the best return?

This question really got us thinking, and not only because 16 chips doesn’t sound like that much when you put it like that!

Research has also suggested, that over the course of a year, we can waste up to 80% of those chips. 80%!

And so, how could you spend just one of those chips doing something a little more productive each day? Just one hour a day can turn into an extra 7 hours a week, 30 hours a month (on average), 365 hours a year (you get it). Moreover, investing your ‘chips’ now into something valuable could turn into thousands of chips in a few years time when you apply the theory of compound interest.


Now, think about your own working day:

  • How many hours do you think you’ve wasted sending emails back and forth instead of picking up the phone to solve a query or a problem in minutes?

  • How many hours have you spent sat in meetings that you didn’t need to be in?

  • How many hours do you think you’ve spent aimlessly scrolling through social media?


Of course, we all need our downtime, even during a working day you need to ensure that you take time to have regular breaks.

However, next time you’re invited to a meeting, why not take a second to take a step back and think about exactly what you’re going to get out of that meeting? Is it something that you could simply catch up on the minutes afterwards instead? This way, you could be spending an extra hour doing something more valuable with your time.

Next time you think about writing out a long email to someone that could be explained quicker verbally, why not pick up the phone and save yourself 15 minutes?

Or, if you’re like us and you have a long commute, why not enquire about flexible working and working from home? If it takes you an hour to get into the office each day, and an hour to get home, that could be an extra 2 hours that you could invest more wisely simply by working from a different location. If you can work from home even just 2 days a week, that’s 4 hours a week, 12 hours a month, and potentially 144 hours a year that you could put into something more productive!

Hopefully, we’ve given you something to think about, and we’d love to know what fabulous things you’re planning on investing your time into!


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