Why it's time to stop faking and start being yourself at work.


Why it's time to stop faking and start being yourself at work.

There are many golden rules in life. Don’t judge a book by its cover, treat others how you wish to be treated, time is a great healer and always go with your gut instinct are just some of life’s greatest mantras. However, one undeniably stands out from among the rest: always be yourself.

Embracing this mantra can be hard. When we live in a society full of influences and social pressures, it’s understandable that we might not always be happy with our own selves but learning to embrace who we are is one of the first steps to happiness.

Did you know that a third of our lives are spent at work? And that’s an extraordinary amount of time to spend not being yourself, but for many people that is the case.

“I’m a completely different person outside work.”

How many people have you heard say this? And what does it mean exactly? Sure, you’re expected to be professional at work but why do so many of us develop a work persona so unlike our own?

Changing who you are to suit the work hierarchy can not only be incredibly damaging to our mental health but to others too. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bitch. I mean, you might be, but unless you’re an undercover serial killer (keep that to yourself), honesty is always the best policy.

Here’s a list of reasons why you should always be yourself at work.

You’ll connect better with colleagues

An honest workplace is an effective workplace. When you’re honest people sense this and will respect you. If people suspect you are lying they are less likely to warm to you and you're more likely to make them feel uncomfortable. Having a connection with your colleagues is important. No, you don’t have to be best friends with them but if you both respect one another your work environment is going to feel less toxic and a lot more open.

You will be more successful

When you stop worrying about what others might think you'll become more productive. It can be exhausting pretending to be what you think others expect of you. Forcing yourself to be someone you’re not is time consuming and allowing your work to develop through trial and error is much healthier.

You’ll be happier

Embracing who you are is key. Going into work every day with a mask on won’t make anyone happy, including you. Expressing yourself is incredibly important. Telling people about you and who you are will allow them to understand you and how you tick.

You're the only you

No one is you but you. So, do you boo!

Written by: Amara Howe

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