Why we love Monday's & how you can have a great one.

how to have a good monday

Why we love Monday's & how you can have a great one.

We love a good Monday here at GIW because it’s the day that marks a fresh start. You can turn the page over in your diary, create a fresh to-do list, and fill yourself with lots of inspiration, motivation and creativity for the week ahead. When your alarm goes off on a Monday morning, you have a blank canvas to make the day, and the rest of the week, exactly what you want it to be!

We know not everyone shares our love for Monday’s, and so if you get the Sunday evening blues or the Monday morning dread - we’re here to help. Here are a few tips on how to have your best Monday.

Get a good nights sleep.

One of the tricks to having a great Monday starts the night before. Try and get a good nights sleep as you want to wake up feeling refreshed and well rested, because if you don’t, you’re probably not going to want to face the day at all!

Read a book before bed, spray some lavender on your pillow or listen to one of those calming apps to help you drift off at a reasonable time and get those all important eight hours in.

Have breakfast.

Start your morning the healthy way, and grab yourself some breakfast before you run out of the door, even if it means setting your alarm 10 minute earlier. Whether it’s porridge, toast, fruit or a smoothie, make sure it’s healthy and nutritious and something that can keep your energy levels up until lunch time (or your elevenses!). Having some breakfast before you leave will help you feel more alert and ready to kick-start your week.


Scroll through Pinterest.

Pinterest is the perfect place for some #MondayMotivation. Whether it’s just scrolling through photos and imagery for some creative inspo, or finding yourself some good old cheesy quotes, spend ten-fifteen minutes having a scroll through your Pinterest feed to get yourself motivated!

Get to the office early.

This one has multiple benefits. It enables you to miss the rush hour and means you’re not going to turn up to work stressed because of traffic or public transport. It means you can have some time to yourself making your to-do list, replying to any emails and getting set for the week before all of your colleagues descend and spend the first hour making tea and chatting about what everyone did at the weekend.

The first few hours of the day are your most productive and when your brain is the most focused and ‘in gear’, so make the most of it and you’ll feel accomplished before everyone else has even started! It’s a great feeling and one that will keep you motivated for the rest of the morning.


Set yourself goals for the week.

What do you want to have achieved by the end of the week? Do you have any looming deadlines for projects or assignments that you need to get finished? Do you have a personal goal that you want to hit soon? Take some time to really think what you need to do or what you want to have done by Friday, set yourself goals or make a really detailed to-do list, and then remember to prioritise!

Setting yourself these kind of goals at the start of the week will really help to keep yourself focused and accountable to get them done. If you sometimes struggle to find your productivity and motivation, keep them on a sticky note or your notebook open on the page you’ve written them down, so you can re-read over them to get yourself back on track if you need.

It’s also the most satisfying feeling ticking something off once it’s completed! But, remember to try and not stretch yourself too far or give yourself too much to do in one go. Keep some time for rest and intermittent breaks, too.

Think positively.

If the first thoughts you have on a Monday morning are negative ones, the chances of you having a good day are probably pretty bleak. Remember to keep yourself positive (this is where Pinterest helps!), and that actually, you have no way out of doing Monday - so you may as well make it a good one!

Even if your day starts to go wrong, just take a little breather and remind yourself that it’s simply a bad few hours. Remember that you can make your day better again if you wish. Think about how you’re going to make yourself feel better when you get home with chocolate or a long bath. Laugh the bad things off and start again or carry on. Stay positive and your day will get better.

Sophie Rosie