Our Team


Soph, founder & editor.

Hello! I'm Soph, a Commercial Manager in the radio industry by day, and now the Founder and Editor of Girls in Work. I'm nearly 6 years into my career journey so far, having not taken the traditional university route and having already made a career change, I wanted to create a space to discuss my experiences, the lessons that I've learned and the challenges that I feel we are faced with every day in the office.

I know that I'm surrounded by a lot of career-focused and ambitious women, whether that be IRL or on social media, and my vision for this site is to create something amazing. Something that we can use to help and empower each other to be our best selves in the workplace, grow in confidence and achieve our goals, and I really hope that you're as excited by this as I am!

Email: sophie@girlsinwork.com


Emma-Rose, Head of Brand & Marketing.

I realised from around the age of 15 that I wanted a career in the media industry.

It all clicked for me during one summer when I went along to a local music festival. It was very small at the time and set up by some close family friends. I absolutely loved it. I was drawn to the exciting and busy atmosphere and I knew from that moment that I needed to be a part of this.

I graduated university with a First Class Honours in Marketing and Media and I’m now working in the marketing team for a radio company. I would still say I’m unsure about what I want to achieve over the next few years; however, I’ve been working in radio for almost a year now and I’m loving it - so I guess this is a start, right?

Email: emma-rose@girlsinwork.com